England back ICC plans to SCRAP five-day Tests in 2023

England back ICC

England is backing plans to reduce all Test matches, including the Ashes, from five days to four from 2023.

The change has long been debated by cricket pundits and fans but traditionalists have so far been able to resist calls for modernization.

But with an ever-increasing workload on modern players, the Telegraph reveals that a change could be coming soon with the International Cricket Council set to officially discuss the proposal.

‘We believe it could provide a sustainable solution to the complex scheduling needs and player workloads we face as a global sport,’ an England and Wales Cricket Board spokesperson told the Telegraph.

‘We’re definite proponents of the four-day Test concept, but cautiously so, as we understand it’s an emotive topic for players, fans and others who have concerns about challenging the heritage of Test cricket.’

Cricket’s schedule has become congested with the emergence of Twenty20 in the last two decades, and the ECB is launching a fourth format, The Hundred, this year.

Test matches have been set at five days since 1979, though the ICC has permitted some to be played over four days recently, including England’s win over Ireland in July.

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